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Happy Sukkot from The Rose Weddings Photography

Happy Sukkot from The Rose Wedding Photography - Photo by Milla Agai

"Sukkot is the time of Chasidim, a time of mercy, and of joy. Now that we have purified the Desire to Receive for the Self Alone by the work we have done on Rosh Hashanah, we can begin the building of a desire not for the Self Alone but rather for the Sake of Sharing, the aspect of ourselves that is closest to the attribute of the Creator. This is the purpose of Sukkot and it is the reason for all the many aspects of this rich and festive holiday. The instruments we use on Sukkot: The Sukkah itself, the four species that make up the connection with the Lulav and Etrog, the Water Libation Ceremony, are all part of the Creator’s plan to afford us the ability to construct a future of harmony." Karen Berg - Kabbalah Centre spiritual director -

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