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Paris Hilton's Maid of Honor Is Obvious For Her Wedding.

The bride-to-be, who got engaged on New Year's Day this year, is gearing up for a celebration fit for an heiress. But the 37-year-old DJ and model spoke to Entertainment Tonight during the launch of her new clothing line with Boohoo, revealing that her younger sister, Nicky Hilton, 33, advised her to keep her wedding details private until the big day.

“I have picked [a wedding dress], and my sister told me it’s important for it to be a surprise,” Paris told the publication. “She’s like, ‘Don’t show anyone,’ but her, of course.”

The heiress then shared that she has another major wedding to-do checked off her list: choosing her maid of honor. “It’s just obvious,” Paris said, revealing that her sister will be taking on the maid of honor role. "She’s my best friend and she’s, like, my other half. I love her so much. So, of course, she’s going to be my maid of honor.”

Photo by Milla Agai

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