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Congratulations Laila Ali & Curtis Conway.

Happy Anniversary ~ 11 years yesterday!

Ali and her husband, retired-NFL player Curtis Conway recently celebrated their 11-year anniversary, having married on July 22, 2007.

When asked about the big day, Ali reflected, “Wedding days are always very stressful. Looking back, you wish you were more focused on the moment, your focused on making sure everyone else is ok — at least I was.” Regardless, she recalls it as a beautiful day. “I had my two best friends there my sister, my bridesmaid, everything turned out beautifully the way I had wanted.”

She even had a special surprise for Conway, “I wanted to embarrass him and I did, so I sang to him. He was super surprised and turned pink, so it was fun.”

Another highlight? Her ballroom performance, or lack thereof. “It was right after I had done ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and I remember him being very nervous [since] I had just went on the finals.” But contrary to what guests may have expected, she said, “we didn’t practice at all, we were going to do a regular ole dance. I remember saying, ‘Don’t put pressure on my baby!’ This is just our moment.”

She laughed, “Everyone was waiting for us to cut a rug on the ballroom floor and we didn’t – we were in our own little world slow dancing.”

Photo by Milla Agai

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